PPH Youth & Child Care Foundation, Inc

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Shaping the Next Generation through Early Childhood Education!
Welcome to PPH Youth & Child Care Foundation, Inc
PPH Youth & Child Care Foundation, Incorporated is a non profit organization that believes in early childhood education and providing our youth as early as 10 months old with the best and latest educational programs, standards and ethics that will prepare them for their educational journey from preschool through to later years.

Even though PPH treats every family as our own we also realize that every family's children including infants are all of our children and we are depending on them to be our leaders of tomorrow and the future to come. In order to create great leaders for the future we have to start preparing them from birth to the age of eight years old, starting with early childhood education, which includes the child's mental and physical development, social interaction, educational basics, beginner technology skills, and real life situations that will stay with them throughout their life. 

PPH belief in early childhood education is what makes us better than the rest. We will provide any in home daycare, family childcare homes, provider's care for small groups of children in a residential building, childcare centers, daycare facilities, family friend, neighbor care, and preschool programs with the latest early childhood educational programs, equipment, technology, computer's, books, and curriculum. In other words, we mean anything that you will need to assist you in giving our youth the preparation and jumpstart they will need to become great leaders of tomorrow.